Thursday, March 1, 2012

Try & Keep Trying

    Sometime I feels like doing nothing right. Sometime I feels like wanna go againts the world. But hey, I'm just a human. Nobody is perfect right?. So I'm not ashame to admit that sometime I'm wrong on my judgement. Even if I think that I'm right, the truth is I'm not.

    It's start back on my childhood. Brings back memory. The fun and enjoyable moments is the one that gets the spot on my brain. Seal thight in my mind. Never forgot those days. But the not so pleasant memory is very hard to forget. For example when I'm being whack by the teacher infront of the whole class in standard 3. Just because I'm not doing his homework, I got special present from him. A whack on the butt 3 times. Making it best is I'm the only one that get it. Damm.. Still trying to erase that one. It's so embarrassing you know.

     The other one is when I'm in standard 6. That is the bomb. I get into a fight with a girl. It all started when I, the carefree student. Make a commotion int the class. UPSR is just around the corner that day. Others was studying while I sit on my chair being bored to death. So I start to DEMONING my self( just make that word, never see other used it before ). I tempted my friend to stop study. Not hard at all. A gossip sprang. Later, there is a group of gossiping boy emerged. From just talk it turn to a mess. The whole class started to accumulate noise. Louder and louder. Then this girl, a librarian stood up. She's agitated by the noise. She spill her anger towards me. Then, you know boys those day. I make my stand. The pushing scene started. She push me, I push her back (my hand is at her shoulder okay!). Then, out of the blue. A fist fly, landed on MY CHEEK. The whole class became silent. The others look eagerly at me, anticipating my reaction.Even I'm agitated by that I never landed my fist on her, i regret that it happen. She is actually a good girl. I was the first boy who manage to agitate her and being punched. Damm that girl's fist is like a rock. Nurul Iman. Still remember the name. Wonder if she remember that.

      Actually there is many more. But, I'll leave it for later. This blog ain't going anywhere right? So I just hold on to it for a moment. But I'm so sorry about messy grammar or spelling error. My English is not so good, but I wanna try to improve my English. Please correct me where I'm wrong. Thanks in the advance.

Monday, January 23, 2012


Bosan. Bangun pagi jek aku tgk dapo dh kehabisan stok mknan.Nak pegi kdai bli malas lak nk kua. ari cuti la katekan. Nak lepak2 kt umah merehatkan badan yang sangat2 letih. Kwn ajak g BBQ. Tp aku cam malas nak follow.Penat dowh. Esok nk kerje lg. Nak X nak aku update la blog yang dah lame aku tinggal nie. kerje tidak mengizinkan aku mengupdate blog ni selalu. nak cuti susah. asyik kena beku jek. Tapi bile aku pikir balik aku terase cam xberpuas ati jek. kerje cam robot. kerje 24jam. so bile mase nak rehat? bile mase nk makan? bile mase nk merokok? bile aku tnye yang lebih berpengalaman jawapan die camnie "pandai2 la cari mase sendiri." tapi bile kantoi jawab le sendiri. Terlari dari niat asal plak. Aku sebenarnye nak meluahkan kebosanan aku nie. Jadi luahan xpuas ati plak. So sambung balik kisah bosan aku hari nie. Tgk tv pon xda cerite best2. dokumentari. wawancara. talk show. xda cite lain ke wahai syarikat penyiaran..!! Sudah nye tahap bosan aku dah maksimum. so untuk mengurangkan kebosanan aku nie, aku nak kua memantau masalah2 dunia kt kawasan aku nie. Mane tau ade sesuatu yang menarik untuk aku post kn di blog nie nannti. so adios u olls..